PatternTrove by Emma Ducher
Dates25th May – 30th July
MaterialsDe Rerum Natura Ulysse
Bois de Rose – 33g
Baleine Bleue – 33g
Plume – 38g
Dore – 37g
Goéland – 264g

3.00 & 3.5mm needles
RatingPattern: 4/5
Finished item: 4/5

Well, I’m writing this up a few months later and I realise I didn’t even make a note of the size I chose, or any other notes, so I guess this will be brief. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it published in PomPom Quarterly, it reminded me of a White Stuff jumper I used to have years ago, with the slipped stitch texture and colours.

I used the recommended yarn for this and chose quite a similar colour palette to the original, but a bit brighter. As I didn’t write any notes about sizing, I can only assume I picked one and didn’t make any modifications. This is definitely the most relaxed-fit jumper I’ve made, it’s nicely oversized but still doesn’t feel too much.

One modification I did make was to the sleeves, there shouldn’t have been any decreases at all but they really would have been huge on me, so I did decrease in the lower portion of the sleeve. I think the balloon shape still works well but isn’t extreme.

I do like how this has turned out and find myself reaching for it most as a casual relaxing on the sofa jumper, but I don’t think I’d knit it again. This kind of all over slipped stitch is relaxing to knit, but it is slow to grow!

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