Rainbow Wings

PatternRainbow Wings by Mina Philipp
Dates28th July – 12th August
MaterialsTedknits UK Merino Nylon
Granite – 87g

It’s a Stitch Up Favourite Sock Minis
Geranium – 20g
Aquaphobia – 20g
Shinjuku – 20g
Health & Safety Gone Mad – 20g
Supernature – 20g

3.75mm needles
SizeOne size
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 5/5

This is a pattern that’s been on my queue for a long time, since Mina released the Minilicious pattern collection, and I’ve also had the minis for a long time. I had a very clear idea of this grey-based shawl with super bright colour wedges and it came out exactly how I hoped.

The pattern is a very clever construction with short rows which despite being garter stitch, means it keeps your interest throughout, and it’s also fairly easy to make sure you use the maximum of each colour, which I did (no leftovers!).

The long wing-shape of the shawl makes it really easy to wear, and it’s fairly light while still being squishy from the garter stitch.

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