Hong Kong Socks

PatternHong Kong Socks by Mina Philip
Dates3rd – 25th July
MaterialsRosie’s Moments Merino Nylon Yak
Forest – 55g
Truly Hooked Standard Sock
Emerald – 12g

2.25mm needles/hook
Size64 stitches
RatingPattern: 4/5
Finished item: 3/5

More from Around the World in 8 Socks, Hong Kong! Inspired by the lush green forests, I chose to properly stash bust with leftover greens, reprising the Rosie’s Moments Yak sock from the Paris socks, and also bright green leftovers from the Sagrada Socks. I thoroughly lost yarn chicken here, running out of both the contrast green on the 2nd heel and the main colour on the 2nd sock, so it’s about an inch shorter! Which I hid neatly in the photos of course.

I did like how the pattern looked, but I never managed to memorise it or be confident reading it, which made this one a bit of a longer knit than the other patterns in the collection.

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