Stillness Shawl

PatternStillness Shawl by Helen Stewart
Dates25th June – 26th July 2020
MaterialsFine Fish Yarns Merino Nylon sock
Figgy Pudding – 82g (Colour A)
Sugared Almond – 100g (Colour B)
Nutcracker – 235g (Colour C)

4.0mm needles
SizeN/A – one size
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 5/5

I’ve knit several of Helen’s shawls already and there’s a few more in my queue, but this was the first of her semi-regular Mystery Knitalongs that I’ve joined. Still, if you know Helen’s style then I think it’s a fairly safe bet that the mystery won’t be too shocking.

I went stash diving for this one as a Stashless 2020 project, and settled on using the advent set I’d got from Fine Fish Yarns in 2019. My alternative option were three skeins I have from Stranded Dyeworks which aren’t a set but I think go well together (and I will probably use together at some point). However, when I did a grayscale photo, this set showed up with better contrast which was recommended for the pattern. I’m really pleased with the level of contrast but how the colours still blend nicely as you’d expect from a set.

I managed to keep up with the MKAL, in fact most of the clues only took a few hours knitting and apart from one tricksome row the lace was simple enough not to go wrong.

I didn’t swatch and my finished shawl is a bit smaller than intended, but it’s a great size for me. Very happy with it! I did realise after looking at other people’s photos that I didn’t block the edge correctly – it should be pulled out into a chevron, but never mind!

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