Twister Lolly Socks

PatternTwister Lolly by Anushka Tay
Dates1st – 16th July 2020
MaterialsCoopknits Socks Yeah!
113 Topaz – 17g
108 Chryso – 32g

2.00mm needles
Size3 – 70 sts
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 4/5

I hadn’t really planned to add more socks to my queue, but when Anushka revealed the first of her summer sock collection on the Crimson Stitchery podcast, I saw the opportunity to try and stashbust some more of this Coopknits Socks Yeah that I had.

I was also intrigued to knit a pair of shortie socks and went for the trainer sock length (so after knitting the cuff and few rounds of lace you go almost immediately into the heel). It certainly did go quite fast, and the lace pattern was very memorable.

Unfortunately I did do a little too well at the stashbusting and ran out of Chryso a few rounds before the second toe, so I switched over to the contrast Topaz. It is quite noticeable but only if I’m not wearing shoes!

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