Koro Koro Shawl

PatternKoro Koro by Olga Buraya-Kefelien
Dates15 June – 15th August 2020
MaterialsHillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Tinde pelsullgarn
Blåturkis 2129 – 165g
Lys Dongeriblå 2113
– 165g

4.0mm needles (body)
SizeN/A – one size
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 3/5

I first heard about this pattern while on Knit With Attitude’s virtual knit night, as Maya was test knitting it. It’s one of those patterns that looks incredibly complex but is actually very simple, all knits purls and slipped stitches. It jumped straight up my queue and onto the needles as soon as it was released!

I decided to buy the yarn from Knit With Attitude as well during the iKnit7 May virtual yarn crawl, the colours were the perfect grey-blue and teal combination I envisioned.

The beginning of this project is a bit tricky and I didn’t fully understand what exactly I was supposed to do, but I knew this was the tip of the shawl and so I did something approximate that acheived the right kind of result. The rest was plain sailing and the pattern is quite memorable after a few repeats.

I’m giving the pattern 5/5 but the finished shawl rates lower – I find this triangle shape quite tricky to wear, and unfortunately I took a risk with the yarn and it is a bit too rough for my tastes. Fingers crossed it gets more appealing in the winter months that in the heat of summer!

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