Vancouver Socks

PatternVancouver Socks by Mina Philipp
Dates4th-23rd September
MaterialsCountess Ablaze Lady Persephone Sock
Brexit in Bed – 58g

2.25mm needles
Size64 stitches
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 5/5

This was not a colourway I particularly liked when I got it (it was part of a surprise box), it’s very outside my normal colour palette and didn’t go with anything else, even as a clashing contrast colour. But then this sock pattern came along, and of course the vibrant autumnal orange and muddy greens were the perfect match for Vancouver inspiration.

This was an extremely memorisable pattern and quick knit, and I think one of my favourite of the collection – I really like the moss stitch texture sitting between the cables. I think I’d be most tempted to knit these again, but in a solid or tonal yarn to let the pattern stand out more.

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