Twist & Slip Socks

PatternTwist & Slip by Mina Philipp
Dates10th May – 17th June 2020
MaterialsAinsworth & Prin Classic Sock
Shoreline – 28g
Coopknits Socks Yeah!
108 – Chryso – 13g
113 – Topaz – 18g
109 – Lolite – 17g

2.5mm needles
SizeS/M 60 sts
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 5/5

A pattern from Knitting Expat that I’ve had my eye on since around the time it was released, I really love the effect of the twisted and slipped stitches.

This was an attempt at stashbusting (honestly this Coopknits yarn goes on for miles), using the Ainsworth and Prin as cuffs, heels and toes. I was only left with a small amount of that which has gone into my scrappy mitred square blanket, the rest of the Coopknits has still gone on to other projects…

Mina’s sock patterns include various heel options including her mini-heel flap and gusset which I’m yet to try, but this one also included doing a German short row heel as well as toe, which is the first time I’ve done that and it was a bit of a revelation that both could be constructed the same way!

This is probably my best-fitting pair of socks to date, although bear in mind that the twisted stockinette and slipped stitch transition sections will mean the socks have less stretch than usual, so sizing up a needle might be advisable.

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