Synonym Scarf

PatternSynonym Scarf by George Cullen
Dates5th February – 15th March 2021
MaterialsCountess Ablaze Lady Persephone sock
Blind Date – 33g

Gamercrafting Superheroine sock
Fuck Cancer – 40g

Fine Fish Yarns merino nylon sock
Figgy Pudding – 33g

John Arbon Alpaca 2-3ply
Damson – 91g

3.25 mm needles
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 4/5

This is one of the patterns from Knit With Attitude’s 10 year anniversary book. They are hosting a year-long knitalong and this was the featured pattern for February. I wasn’t really planning to join in yet but I found myself with a gap for a soothing meditative pattern like this, and when I realised I had a symphony of purples in stash that could use up some leftovers, I was sold…

The pattern uses garter stitch and simple lace and alternates plain and striping sections to transition from tip to tip. The laceweight is used throughout and for this I had a deep purple John Arbon alpaca that came with my mill membership. Then you need three 4ply colours (or you could easily adapt to use more colours/lower quantities if you wanted) and each of these use less than 50g so it’s a great stashbuster. I chose three in the purple/pink family that were already leftovers from 100g skeins, and after this project are down to 10g or less and have gone into my scrappy squares blanket.

Something odd happened with my tension so my central stripes are a bit wobbly, especially at the edges, but certainly that’s not going to be noticeable when worn.

I’ve put this one aside to gift later in the year but this is definitely a pattern I would come back to again at some point, I have other laceweight leftovers in stash and there will always be infinite 4ply leftovers!

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