Striped Rift Tee

PatternRift by Jacqueline Cieslak
Dates8th May – 5th June 2020
MaterialsNurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion
Ocean – 57g
Forest – 10g
Emerald – 45g
Pickled Ginger – 10g
Sunkissed Coral – 50g
Vanilla – 100g

5.0mm needles (body)
4.0mm (cuffs)
Size52 bust (actual 48 at my gauge)
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 4/5

This is the second iteration of the Rift Tee that I’ve made and I don’t think it’ll be the last. The idea for this one came from a few 10g samples of the Eco-fusion cotton/bamboo blend that were freebies on the last Great London Yarn crawl.

Of course, when it came to buying more of the yarn from Knit With Attitude’s stand at Unravel festival, I didn’t think to take the samples along with me for colour matching… The samples weren’t labelled with the colour so I’d done my best guess from the pictures online. Turns out, compared to the ones I picked out in person, I managed to match the blue but was a shade off with the green and the coral. Oh well!

I’d already planned to do slightly random stripes so now it just became a bit more random as I tried to blend in the different shades. I just played around as I started to knit the stripes and decided on 2-, 4-, 5-, and 8- row stripes. Colours were slightly randomly alternated, trying to keep at least 2 other colours between any two instances of the same colour (shade variation notwithstanding).

The fabric that I got while swatching on 5.00mm needles I liked so I knit the size 52 bust which gave me the actual measurements of the size 48. I knit the body length to 12″ before splitting for the front and back, this was based on having knit one already and knowing that I didn’t want the cropped length of the pattern. I also did a custom fit bicep according to the calculations in the pattern.

I chose a V-neck front this time rather than boat neck and had to play around with a few neckline binding methods. I didn’t like how the suggested pick up and immediately bind off looked, and in the end I did a DC (US SC) crochet chain with a 4.00mm hook in some of the leftover blue yarn.

The sleeve ribbing is only 4 rounds as that’s all I could squeeze out of the cream! All in all this was a great project for getting the most out of the yarn, I was only left with a tiny amount of green and blue which have been made up into some washcloths.

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