Sagrada Socks

PatternSagrada Socks by Verity Castledine
Dates30th January – 27th February 2021
MaterialsTruly Hooked Standard Sock
Dark Grey – 40g
Sagrada set – 48g

TedKnits Merino Nylon sock
Granite – 10g

2.5 mm needles
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 3/5

This is one of the patterns from the Board Game Knits Vol. 2 book which I backed on Kickstarter. The Truly Hooked yarn kit was the reward I picked to go with the physical copy of the book.

I decided to make these socks for Simon as he is actually the board game geek! Hence making a larger size than I would for myself, plus as the majority of the sock is colourwork it has less stretch.

The cuff of the sock has cables forming the Sagrada arches and a peek of the colours which is also a handy reference for the colour sequence of the squares.

These were knit cuff down with afterthought heels. I initially thought the heel might need more room so I tried the short row mini-gusset from Talvi Knits, but this actually turned out too big so I ripped back and just did a regular afterthought heel.

Because I had been using stash in my Love & Unison cowl and had ended up using more than half of the Truly Hooked grey, I was playing yarn chicken with it in these socks, and I lost, but only just. I had to break into another, slightly more dissimilar grey from my stash, the TedKnits granite. It blended pretty well though and I only used 10g of that – also because of doing the toes in a contrast colour rather than grey. Which fortunately should leave me still with enough for the project I had planned for that yarn, and break the knock-on yarn chicken effect!

I have about 10g of each of the colours left apart from the purple so those will probably get used as contrasts on other socks.

These were quite fun to knit and they’re certainly very fun and bright. They did turn out a little big though, I think I was overly cautious about sizing up for the colourwork. And the pattern didn’t suggest using a smaller needle size for the cuff, heels and toes which in hindsight I probably should have done or would do next time.

I think these would work equally well as monochrome or as striped/colour blocked scrappy socks to use up leftovers.

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