Rolling For It Sampler Shawl

PatternEat.Sleep.Knit Sampler
Take a Chance on Me
Dates1st – 24th December 2020
MaterialsChromatic Yarns Sock
Advent 2020 – 360g

3.50mm needles
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 4/5

I spent all year planning to make Helen Stewart’s Habitation throw as my Advent project this year, and then a few days before 1st December I realised I didn’t really want to make another blanket right now, and I wanted to do something involving dice roll and randomisation, complementary to the Chromatic Yarns inspiration of D&D. In searching for patterns, I found loads that randomise the colours, but I knew I wanted to knit each colour as it came and I wanted the random element to be the pattern.

I found the Take a Chance on Me free pattern on Ravelry, which had six stitch patterns, and then the Eat.Sleep.Knit Choose Your Own Stitch sampler which has 31. I wanted 20 stitch patterns so I could roll a D20 dice each of the 24 days of the advent calendar. First of all I filtered out the rib patterns and some that I didn’t think would work so well in horizontal bands. Then I had to work out the number of stitches for the pattern repeat and calculate the lowest common multiplier – in other words, the lowest number into which all the patterns would divide equally based on the pattern repeat.

After a bit of fiddling about I landed up with 16 patterns from Eat.Sleep.Knit, 2 from Take a Chance on Me, plus a 4-stitch basketweave and double moss stitch. These would all divide into 144, plus 6 stitches for an i-cord edge (3 per side) made 150 stitches to cast on and a good width for a rectangular wrap.

I invented a few rules along the way – for example the same pattern could not come up again within 2 days of being knit; I also veto’d repeats of a few patterns once I’d knit them once and wasn’t so keen on them, and if a pattern had already been knit twice I wouldn’t allow it again. For the last couple of days I also engineered things a bit, at that point there were only four patterns I hadn’t knit. On the 23rd the Double Lattice pattern I rolled just didn’t work out, even after charting it, it just didn’t make the right stitch pattern. So I swapped out for another yet-to-be-knit. And on 24th, I decided that if I rolled an even number I would knit pattern #14 and if odd, pattern #5, which were the only two remaining unknit.

The basic recipe:

  • Cast on 150 stitches
  • [Knit 4 rows garter stitch:
    • RS: Knit 1, slip 1 wyif, knit 1 for i-cord, knit to last 3 stitches, Knit 1, slip 1 wyif, Knit 1
    • WS: Slip 1 wyif, Knit 1, Slip 1 wyif, knit to last 3 stitches, Slip 1 wyif, Knit 1, Slip 1 wyif
    • Repeat RS + WS once more
  • Knit pattern, for at least one full repeat / to desired length for that pattern and keeping icord edge
  • Knit 4 rows garter stitch as above]
  • Repeat [steps 3-4] for next day/yarn/pattern

My version:

1st Dec – #16 Lattice Cables – Ghaunadaur’s Eye – 16g
2nd Dec – #2 Slipped Scales – Celestial Toymaker – 15g
3rd Dec – #3 Bubbles! – Hellfire Engine – 12g
4th Dec – #12 Embossed squares – Forest of Neverwinter – 16g
5th Dec – #6 Heart Cable – Blight – 14g
6th Dec – #8 Cluster Stitch v1 – Critmas Kobolt – 14g
7th Dec – #10 Textured Chevron – Merry Critmas – 13g
8th Dec – #9 Woven Diamond – Umberlee’s Wave – 15g
9th Dec – #20 Basketweave – Mastermind Rogue – 14g
10th Dec – #17 Textured Triangles – Faerie Dragon – 11g
11th Dec – #7 Pineapple Stitch – Good Berry – 12g
12th Dec – #15 Zig zag cables – Astral Projection – 18g
13th Dec – #1 Cluster Stitch v2 – Pond in the Feywild – 12g
14th Dec – #19 Double Moss stitch – Abominable Gingerbread Man – 14g
15th Dec – #4 Smocked stitches – Winter Sprite – 19g
16th Dec – #20 Basketweave – Ulitharid – 14g
17th Dec – #2 Slipped Scales – Nilbog – 18g
18th Dec – #16 Lattice Cables – Shape Water – 16g
19th Dec – #8 Cluster Stitch v1 – Moloch – 14g
20th Dec – #3 Bubbles! – Death Lock – 19g
21st Dec – #6 Heart Cable – Yule Cat – 13g
22nd Dec – #11 Old Shale Chevron – Storm Spire – 14g
23rd Dec – #18 Garter Chevron – The DM’s Wife – 19g
24th Dec – #5 Honeycomb – Festive Fire Elemental – 18g

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