London Socks

PatternLondon Socks by Mina Philipp
Dates1st-23rd March 2021
MaterialsJohn Arbon x Riverknits Exmoor Sock
Piston Broke – 47g
Ship Happens – 17g

2.25mm needles
Size60 sts
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 5/5

Back to making some socks for myself, I ended up on another sock club bandwagon. This time though it’s the Around the World in 8 Socks club from Knitting Expat – a series of socks inspired by cities around the world! I couldn’t not get on board with that inspiration.

This first installment stayed close to home, being inspired by London. I picked out this limited edition John Arbon and Riverknits collaboration on Exmoor sock from my stash. Ship Happens is the variegated teal and Piston Broke the rust colour I used for the contrast. They coordinate perfectly together and the colours reminded me of the Thames and the rusty ironwork girders and bulwarks.

Mina offers instructions for both top down and toe up and I decided to try toe up for the first time. I also tried her heel adjustment with german short row heel, which basically involves a mini-gusset.

The pattern itself was a knit and purl texture evoking pathways, very satisfying but not at all memorable – I was referring line by line all the way through the pattern. I decided to keep it on the front of the sock only and just do the back plain.

It hasn’t come out great in the photos but it’s really effective and they are some of the best fitting socks I’ve made. One thing I have noted though is on the heel, I did short rows until 9 stitches remained as suggested in the pattern but I think this is too much for me – I end up with a bit of a peak on the back of the heel when the socks are worn, so next time I think I’ll stop the short rows at 11 or 12 stitches and see how that works out.

The other thing I’m pleasantly surprised by is that they aren’t too itchy! This sock yarn from John Arbon is properly woolly whereas all my other socks to date have been out of merino sock yarn… I was a bit worried they would just be uncomfortable to wear, but I haven’t noticed any discomfort!

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