Gaudi Jumper

PatternGaudi by Julie Knits in Paris
Dates24th August – 6th November
MaterialsRipples Crafts Quinag BFL 4ply
Water Loch – 46g
A Teal Tale – 294g

2.5 & 3mm needles
Size3 with modifications
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 4/5

I’ve been getting quite a few projects done this year that have been in the queue for a while. For this one, I think I bought the pattern as soon as it was released, and bought the yarn at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March 2019. It felt like the slowest project to knit I’ve had in a while as well, but I think that’s probably because after the yoke it’s a lot of stockinette, and I was on pretty small needles for a jumper.

I couldn’t match Julie’s gauge, but at my gauge I was closest to a size 3 and liked the fabric. I made a few modifications though, which was to only do 6 raglan increase rounds instead of 8, to reach a stitch count 420 stitches, which I then split to 300 for the body and 92 per sleeve. This is a type of modification I’m finding I do quite often now for jumpers – that basically I need less length in the yoke and if I adjust the split of body/sleeve stitches then I can get a better fit.

This project did go on pause for some of its duration because I switched over to working on a test knit, but I came back to it with several inches of body and the sleeves still to knit when I was about to go on a coach holiday to Scotland. I had forgotten the yarn for this was Scottish, but it did seem appropriate to be knitting with it as we were driving around through the Scottish Highlands! Anyway, the hours and hours on a coach did the trick for getting through the stockinette, and I even re-did the last couple of inches of the body as I realised I had a) made a mistake in the very simple colourwork band and b) knit plain rib instead of twisted to match the neck. I was in two minds whether to redo it, but after I’d done the sleeves correctly I decided I had the time, may as well make it right, and I’m glad I did.

This definitely benefited from blocked – it has hardly any short rows and when I tried it on during construction the neck felt very high and close. But during blocking I was able to stretch that out, and of course it did wonders for the colourwork tension as well. I’m really happy with the fit overall, it’s quite relaxed without being oversized, and the contrast colour worked exactly as I wanted it to. When I saw that skein I immediately thought of the colours in the windows of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló.

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