Fireside Chat Cowl

PatternFireside Chat by Zanete Knits
Dates17th April – 24th June 2020
MaterialsGamercrafting BFL Sock
OSJ – Fuck Cancer – 55g
It’s a Stitch Up Favourite Sock
OSJ – The Grey Area – 55g

3.25mm needles
SizeN/A – one size
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 5/5

This pattern was included with the show guide for Unravel festival, probably the last in-person festival event to happen in 2020. Knit flat, it combines a stockinette side with a chevron cable/bobbles side. It’s seamed to complete and is designed to be an infinity or moebius although of course you could choose to leave it a single loop.

I decided to knit this for one of my best friends who lost her mum to an aggressive and rare cancer this year. The idea came when I saw Angie of GamerCrafting was launching a fundraising collaboration called Operation: Social Justice. Among other things, she dyed the colourway I used for the stockinette side in the colours of Cancer Research UK. I chose another OSJ yarn to complement it, this time from It’s a Stitch Up. The Grey Area is a dark blue-black with flecks of pink and teal, and it was raising money for Mermaids, a UK charity supporting trans and gender diverse children.

If I made this again I think I would knit in the round and so only have the short end to seam, not really sure why I didn’t think of doing that to begin with but oh well! I also tried knitting combined continental and had just about got it going smoothly by the end, although I can’t help wondering if I still would have been faster with my usual throwing, even with the purl return row.

I was pleased with the finished cowl and even more so to be able to gift some comforting and with love to a dear friend.

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