Delkash Dress

PatternDelkash Dress by May Linn Bang
Dates1st June 2019 – 5th February 2020
MaterialsEasy Knits Deeply Wicked 4ply
Mechanoid – 235g (grey)
Life in Plastic – 100g (hot pink)
Amethyst – 82g (mid purple)
– 69g (deep purple)

2.5mm needles (ribbing)
3.0mm needles (body)
RatingPattern: 5/5
Finished item: 4/5

Another pattern that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it, at least partly because of the awesome grellow colour scheme of Maya’s sample! It launched around EYF 2019 and I bought the yarn for it there as well. The hot pink was a brave choice for me but the more I looked at the combination the more I liked it!

What I can’t work out is that in Maya’s version, the grey main colour carried throughout stands out a lot more – the contrast colours seem very much in the background except for the bright lime green, whereas in mine it’s the contrasts that stand out and the grey fades in.

There’s no denying this an ambitiously sized project – the stockinette brioche is simple enough but you are knitting enough fabric for a dress, when all’s said and done.

In hindsight I should have sized down. I do love the finished dress but it’s not as form fitting as the original styling, and I also didn’t pay attention to torso length, with the result that the decreases and most noticeably hip increases that shape the dress don’t really hit in the right places.

I’ve put this in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in a laundry bag, and fully machine dried it – the latter actually being necessary since it’s superwash yarn and grows enormously in length, so needs the dryer to snap it back into shape. I also store this dress rolled up because I realised that the weight of it on a hanger was stretching it out over time.

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